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A SIMPLE BUT CRITICAL TOOL FOR A MEDIA INTERVIEW The number one rule for doing a media interview is, “Never be surprised by anything you say.” You are the head of your organization, you know your stuff inside out, but you still always need to be prepared before attempting any interview.  Even if it’s about…
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Social Media Pays off for Law Enforcement Recruitment

I first met Captain Greg Guiton of the Ocean City Police department at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention, he had a good idea of what he wanted, and what he needed - a recruitment video for his agency.  Captain Guiton faces unique challenges in his annual search for officers, and he was…
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5 Steps to Choosing a Video Production Company

If you want your message to get attention, and have an impact, a well-produced video is a must for most strategic communications and marketing models. Producing a video is an investment, and choosing the right video production company to do the job can be tricky, there’s plenty to think about.  Here are five steps you…
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Dramatic New Conclusions About the Impact of Video

We know how important video is, below is new evidence that really brings it home.  Our world moves fast and to keep up we must learn to multitask, which means we now have a short attention span.  Video catches your attention.  You can say more in a quick video, and in a far more interesting…
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A Must Have for Police & First Responder Recruitment Video

Why Video Is So Critical It’s all about being social – social networking, social media, and social sharing. You can reach people from a booth at a job fair, or shaking hands at a graduation, but why not multiply your efforts with a simple click when you blanket thousands upon thousands by going social.  And…
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Kickstarter: How I Funded My Documentary

Finding Underwriting for PBS When PBS came back to me and said, “We love your doc,” I was delighted. It took seven years to make Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope, (working title An Article of Hope) and now the film would finally get on television.  That was the good news.  But the tough news…
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