Media Training

the 24-hour conversation

“I had no idea how much I didn’t know.”  We hear it at the end of almost every Executive Media Training session. The world is engaged in a 24-hour conversation. Are you ready to take part?  You have to tell your story well in the “Court of Public Opinion” because it’s just a click of the mouse and you are out there – everywhere.

Clients turn to us to become better communicators, and learn important skills to connect and engage with their message. Working with the media effectively is essential in any communications effort. In high stakes situations, it can make the difference between success or failure. The media training day is intense, but you’re making a good investment when you spend a few hours to learn and refine new and very important communications skills.


• Communicate effectively

• Prepare for the interview

• Be in control when you answer a question

• Frame your messages to the media and the public

• Get your story out

• Influence media coverage

• Head off negative coverage

• Generate positive results

• Control the message

• Prepare for a potential crisis situation

• Advocate for public policy changes

• Explain complex issues like medical or scientific information to the media and the public

• Brand your company or campaign

• Build public confidence

• Create a “Call to Action”




Every media training session for every client is different.  We work with your issues, your messages, and your outreach model in real time.  You polish your skills inside your world. West Street Productions offers media training video production, instructional video, message management media services tailored to your business.


• In every Executive Media Training session, you will walk away with an understanding of the media world. How messages get out there, how ideas spread, and how to control the message.

• Learn from the experts – consultants from the other side of the camera, notepad, and microphone. They spent years asking the questions; now they are ready to help you with the answers.

• Hands on practice. Nothing beats actually doing the interview. Practice your new skills with our specialists. You may make a few flubs, but that is why you are working with us, to learn from your experience behind the scenes before you step out in public.

• Takeaway information and material. You leave with a full review of key points from the day, and a private personal copy of your practice to keep handy for your own refresher. Or you can always use the DVD under your coffee cup to protect your desk.


Just about everyone. No matter if you are a CEO, spokesperson, corporate or non-profit, public safety officer or public information specialist, everyone benefits from an Executive Media Training session. Even if you think you will never be caught on camera, you never know when your phone will ring and who or what questions may be on the other end. Will you know what to do first? The answer may surprise you. Find out by contacting West Street.