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When you visit our clients page you will see some of the clients we get involved with, and the different types of projects we work on. From Executive Media Training, to video production, our clients can range from first responders, to safety advocates, non-profits, healthcare, public relations firms, corporations, and government agencies. We love the variety, and the challenge. You never know what world is next.  Here are some samples of our “back stage pass to the world.”

DOCUMENTARY:  Check out our documentary projects and view the trailer from our award-winning PBS documentary Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope , and learn about our new documentary History – Gone from the Hall which is currently in production.

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  • Fundraising


    How do you film and produce a fundraising video during COVID when you can't film?  You have to get creative! "Student PIRGs" asked for…

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  • Daughter of the Boycott

    Daughter of the Boycott

    Award winning journalist Karen Gray Houston published an emotional account of growing up in Montgomery Alabama during the heart of the civil rights movement…

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  • MPD – Washington DC Police Recruitment

    MPD – Washington DC Police Recruitment

    West Street leads the way in smart recruitment video production for law enforcement and first responder production. From the smallest agency, to big city policing,…

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  • Handling “Suicide by Cop” a Training Program

    Handling “Suicide by Cop” a Training Program

    PERF - The Police Executive Research Forum took on one of the most difficult and emotional situations facing any law enforcement officer. When  someone…

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  • PERF – Police Executive Research Foundation

    PERF – Police Executive Research Foundation

    PERF - is a Washington "think tank" for law enforcement agencies across the country.  Their latest project is called "Chapter 2", a guide to…

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  • The Galapagos

    The Galapagos

    West Street produced and directed a series of science videos for Celebrity Cruises and their new ship "Flora" cruising in the Galapagos Islands.  Passengers…

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  • The Promise of JPSS

    The Promise of JPSS

    The JPSS satellite is changing the way forecasters are able to predict severe weather, and major natural events which threaten lives and property. From…

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  • Climate Summit Promo

    Climate Summit Promo

    Each year StormCenter Communications hosts a "Climate and Weather Summit" for broadcast meteorologists from around the country. An extraordinary gathering to learn about the…

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  • Solar Eclipse Satellite Media Tour Promo

    Solar Eclipse Satellite Media Tour Promo

    StormCenter Communications is an innovative leader in the broadcast industry and weather forecasting, sharing new technologies and science with broadcast meteorologists across the country. StormCenter…

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