Our Story

What's Your Story?

From Dan Cohen - President & CEO of West Street

I’m in a great business. I am a storyteller.  I get to travel all over the world, producing films and video, meeting and interviewing all kinds of people: cutting-edge scientists, world leaders, first responders, great athletes, folks from just about every walk of life and every part of our planet.  One project took me where very few have ever been, to the Arctic Circle.  As I stepped onto ice to film climate scientists, I realized that my work gives me a back stage pass to the world.

I started West Street so I could tell stories beyond what was “breaking news” in the broadcast booth of major market TV stations. I loved my work, which took me from the backstreets of Miami to the hallways of power in Washington DC and war zones in the Middle East. I’m lucky and honored to have won lots of awards.  I have even gotten to “Thank the Academy” six times for my Emmy awards.  And so far my company, West Street, has been honored with thirteen Tellys, and a number of other video and communications awards.  But I wanted to step back from the 24/7 to be more creative, to tell more comprehensive stories through film, and to work directly with people who have great stories to tell.

It’s more important now than ever to be prepared, prepared, prepared.  Call it “the 24-hour conversation.” The skills of creating a message and staying on top of it are important, whether you’re a guest on a TV talk program, or joining the conversation on line.  You still need the sound bite, the 140-character statement, and the memorable phrase to break through all the noise.  And you need to be able to deliver it while the TV lights are on you. That’s what we work on in our executive training sessions. That’s what we practice.

It’s an exciting journey everyday. The world of information and communication technology is changing dramatically all the time. But one thing remains the same no matter what the communication venue: it comes down to the importance of telling your story, framing your message, coming across clearly and effectively.

I work with great people at West Street, all full of experience, tons of talent, and we can help you tell your story – in your interviews, through video and film production, and in our social world.

We have great clients, and we hope to work with you.