It’s a Great Time to be MPD

West Street Wraps Web Videos for D.C. Police


“Are you the one?” Just one of the sub themes in a series of recruitment segments West Street Productions produced for The Metropolitan Police Department, in Washington, DC.

Using the department’s established branding theme, "It's a Great Time To Be MPD" West Street created a series of short web videos for the department recruitment web channels, YouTube, Vimeo and the department web site.

The production spanned two months, which included filming on location with MPD patrol units, K-9, Marine Patrol, divers, Special Operations, Aviation, and the Emergency Response Team.

Our GoPro catches an MPD diver breaking the surface of the PotomacTo create messages and sub-themes West Street conducted interviews and research within the department. Each video carries a separate theme underscoring the department’s focus on community policing, while at the same time carrying out the mission of a police department in a city that is the center of world attention.

“This is a very high profile place to be in law enforcement because it’s the nation’s capital,” said Dan Cohen, President of West Street. “The challenge for this project was to show how a big city police department focuses on the many diverse communities which make up Washington, and the pride the officers have in doing their job.”

The videos will become the centerpiece for the MPD recruitment unit.

Click MPD to view the entire series

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