West Street Brings Home The Telly

Video Series Alerts Law Enforcement to Billion Dollar Crimes

West Street Productions has been awarded the Silver Telly Award for the video series “IP Crime: The Threat”. The series was produced for The National Crime Prevention Council, and is being distributed to law enforcement agencies across the country.

IP Crime“Most people are shocked to learn that the $5.00 ball cap, or the $30.00 Gucci watch that looks so real and innocent, can actually connect to drugs, gangs, homicide, even terrorism,” said Dan Cohen of West Street. “Intellectual Property Crime is an often ignored multi-billion dollar world-wide crime, which can lead to organized crime, and more.

West Street produced and directed a three-part video project for NCPC and the Department of Justice, to reach out to law enforcement across to the country to encourage agencies to devote more resources to investigating Intellectual Property Crime.

“On the surface, IP crime is not very sexy, and usually doesn’t get big headlines,” Cohen said, "so often agencies don't devote a huge amount of resources to IP crime investigations. But if you pull back the layers, what you often find is a deadly path that leads to billions world-wide, and NCPC wants law enforcement to pay more attention to that.”

This is the 11th Telly for West Street, with many of the awards coming from production work with first responders. West Street has produced projects in recruitment and training, as well as videos designed to reach out to communities.

View the series here.


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